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Monday, December 11, 2017

Snowman Nail Design

My 2017 Holiday Nail Designs 
snowman winter nail design
The theme for my holiday nail designs this year is A Snowman's World.

I entered these designs in a holiday nail contest. I wasn't the winner but thank you to those who voted for me!😘 Click here to see the winners. 

My inspiration came from our first snow of the season we just had, December 10th, here in the Philadelphia area. It was the perfect day to stay cozy in the house, watch the snow fall and paint the natural beauty a snowman would see on a winter day.
nail design supplies
I wanted soft colors: pastel shades of pink, mint and lavender, mauvy putty, black and white against a blue gray background with lots of icy sparkle. Acrylic paint is my favorite for painting nail art. It goes on smooth and it's easy to mix a multitude of colors.

I also used Zoya Jana 
zoya jana
for painting my snowman's hat and pine cone design because it is the perfect mauvy putty color I was thinking of. Plus, it saved me the trouble of mixing up the paint.🎨

I started by polishing the nails with 
Zoya Amira. 
zoya amira
It's the perfect sparkling blue with a hint of gray to represent a winter sky.
snowy trees
My centerpiece, the snowman, was the first design I painted, of course. It is all about his icy, snowy world. He had to be the first creation!
snowman nail design
 After painting him, I applied snowflake adhesive nail art stickers, added some rhinestones and added glittery sparkle with glitter polish and glitter!

 OPI Make Light of the Situation and some extra fine glitter added to the wet polish created an amazing dimentional sparkle on the white of my snowman. I just love how it catches the light! I used Make Light of the Situation and glitter combination to give all of the designs a shimmering snowy look.
opi make light of the situation

These icicles from a storm a few years ago inspired my icicle design.
icicle nail design
And the blowing snow, also from a previous winter storm, inspired my swirly 
snowflake design.
snow storm

swirly snowflake nail design
After painting the swirls, I applied snowflake adhesive nail art stickers, added rhinestones and used a dotting tool to create my swirling snow storm.
white pine branch with sbow
This beautiful white pine branch inspired my pinecone design.
pinecone nail design
And lastly, this colorful holly inspired my holly design.
holly with snow

holly nail design
There you have it. A glimpse of A Snowman's World.

It's always fun to create little works of art, especially on a cold stormy day. I hope my little designs inspire you to festively decorate your nails for the holidays and anytime.

Happy Holidays!

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