Monday, November 17, 2014

How to keep your tan longer

I am back from another fabulous Jamaica vacation and my skin feels soft and wonderful. I don't know why my skin always feels so good after my Jamaica vacations. It may be all the sunscreen I apply and the high humidity keeping the skin hydrated. It could also be that the skin sweats in the warm and sunny 86 degrees bringing moisture to the surface of the skin.

I have just a nice light golden tan from wearing my SPF 30. Now comes the challenge of keeping my skin glowing, moist and soft in this chilly Philadelphia weather. 

To keep my beautiful golden tan a little longer,
I will avoid exfoliating my skin.  Using a body scrub, body puff or loofah to exfoliate will speed up the removal skin cells quickly fading my tan. 

I also have to be diligent with my moisturizer and apply it a couple times a day to keep the skin moist. After a warm shower is the best time to apply moisturizer.

Avoiding a long hot shower will also keep the skin looking moist. That is not easy for me on these cold days.  I love my hot showers!

And.....I can always apply some self tanner to keep me looking golden all through the holidays!

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Have a Beautiful Day!

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