Monday, November 3, 2014

How to make your nail polish last longer

Regular nail polish can chip so easily. You spend time and money on your manicure only to have it to start chipping in a few days. Gel polish stays on beautifully without chipping but taking it off is a hassle and it can be damaging to your nails.

chipped polish

Get a manicure with a proper polish application.

Squeaky Clean 
Be sure your nails are dry, clean and free of any oils before polish application. Wipe them with acetone.

Make it Sticky
Start with an adhesive base coat. An adhesive base coat has a sticky finish. It anchors the polish to your nails. I like Prolana Base-ics and Zoya Anchor.
prolana basics base coat

Apply two or three thin coats of nail color. Cover the edge on the tip of the nail.

Apply a long wearing top coat such as Zoya Armor. Cover the edge on the tip of the nail.

Double up
Apply a second top coat. This time a fast dryer. Seche Vite is my very favorite. Cover the edge on the tip of the nail.

Now it's care time!

Use tools
Do not use your nails as tools. Use a key to open a soda, not your nail.  Use an orangewood stick to scratch off a price tag. not your nail. Use pencils to open a window screen, not your nails. Etc. You get the idea, right?

Keep them dry
Keep your hands out of water as much as possible. Nails absorb water and become more flexible. Nail polish does not absorb water. Wet nails will bend. The polish will not resulting in chipping. Wear waterproof gloves when cleaning or doing dishes.

Use cleaning tools with handles on them like this one.

scrubber with handle
Add Extra Protection 
Add more clear polish. You can add a thin coat everyday or every other day. Use the Seche Vite. It dries so incredibly fast!

These tips help my clients keep their nails shiny and chip free from week to week. Hope they help you too:)

 Have a beautiful day!

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