Monday, March 18, 2013

How to Handle a Hangnail

hang nail
A hangnail is that hard dry piece of skin that sticks out at the side of your nail. They occur when the skin gets dry from the environment or too much contact with water, paper,chemicals or other drying substances.

cuticle nippers to remove hang nail

Don't pull it! Don't bite it! If your do, you can leave a nasty opening in the skin that can easily get infected. Use cuticle nippers to trim it off or wrap a bandaid around it until you can get to your nail technician to have it trimmed off. 

trimmed off hangnail

Help prevent hangnails by applying a little cuticle oil and a good moisturizer several times a day to help keep the skin moist. Protect the nails and skin by wearing gloves when cleaning to avoid excess exposure to water and cleaning products. Wear gloves when it's cold outside to protect the skin from dehydrating in the cold dry air.

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