Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Latex and Food Allergies

fresh veggies in reusable bag
It's summer and we all are eating more fruits and veggies. If you are allergic to latex you could also be allergic to some or all of the following foods. 

Banana, avocado, potato, tomato, kiwi, cherry, chestnut, walnut, passion fruit, pear, grapefruit, mushroom, bell pepper, mango, pineapple, celery, cantaloupe, apple, papaya, almond, buckwheat, wheat, fig, lettuce, peach, orange, peanut, strawberry, pepper, mustard, watermelon, bamboo shoot, carrot, coconut, apricot, peppermint, soybean, cherry, nectarine, and eggplant. 

That's a big list!  I know kiwis give me an itchy tongue. I don't eat them. This food allergy is called the Latex Food Syndrome. Latex comes from a plant, the sap of the rubber tree and contains more than 35 proteins. Certain foods, they are called cross reactive foods, contain similar proteins and therefore, can cause the allergic reactions that latex causes. 

Don't panic. You may not be allergic to foods with similar proteins to latex. It's just possible. Hives are a common reaction to food. A severe allergic reaction to food involves swelling of the tongue and throat. This is a very serious reaction. You must get emergency help immediately. 

Have a Safe and Healthy Day!

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