Friday, April 6, 2012

Food and Rosacea Flare Ups

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes excess inflammation in the capillaries. It is commonly seen on the nose, on the cheeks, on the chin and on the center of the forehead as redness or a rash. The capillaries, small blood vessels are very red and obvious. The skin can feel sensitive and hot.

Foods to Avoid
Certain foods can cause rosacea to flare up for everyone with rosacea. People with rosacea should avoid the following:

spicy food
alcohol (especially red wine) 
hot beverages

Food that may trigger a flare up
Some people find that certain foods cause a flare up for them but not everyone with rosecea gets a flare up from them. These foods are among the foods that people have reported as rosacea triggers. 

soy sauce
sour cream 
citrus fruits

Foods that may help
Some foods may actually help improve the appearance of rosacea.


These fruits are vascular constrictors therefore, they may actually help the blood vessels look a little less red. 

Keep a food diary
A food diary is a great tool to help you pinpoint foods that cause flare ups so you can avoid them. Right down the foods you eat each day and note how your skin is looking and feeling at the end of the day. You may start to see a pattern emerge when you eat a particular food. Then, you can eliminate the foods that cause irritation and help to calm your skin.

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