Monday, August 6, 2012

A Hairy View from my Beach Chair!

This was my view at the beach on my recent vacation!

 hairy back
Gentlemen: you should not look this way. As my daughter says, "put your shirt on, nobody wants to see that!". 

That hairy back can be cleaned up in no time with a little wax! Ladies: if we can bikini wax, the boys can back wax! 

A back wax takes about 30-45 minutes and lasts about 3 weeks. Plan on a once a month waxing. That nasty back hair regrows finer and waxes off easier and easier each time. 

We have many men who come in for back waxing at the salon and they say it's really worth it.

 Let's see some clean, smooth backs at the beach, please!

See me at Styling Point in Media, Pa.  I'll wax you up!

Have a Beautiful Day!

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