Friday, September 13, 2013

Which polish color makes you look younger?

OPI Red nail polish
Q. What nail polish colors can I wear to help make my hands look younger?

A. Wearing the wrong nail polish color is unflattering and can actually make you hands look older. Help your hands look younger by wearing soft reds, coral reds, soft corals, medium pinks, warm mauves, nudes and pinky beiges in a soft shimmer or creamy finish.

Choose a shade that flatters your skin tone. Cool toned skin colors are flattered by cooler toned polish. Warm toned skin colors look better with warmer colors.

Avoid highly frosted colors such a frosted white. Not only is it old fashioned, it accentuates nail ridges.

Avoid dark colors or shades of blue red, plum, blue or green that can accentuate the veins and redness in your hands.

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