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Eye Shadow Colors for your Eye Color

We want people to notice our beautiful eyes not our beautiful eye shadow. It's much more flattering to hear "Your eyes are beautiful" instead of "I love your eye shadow". 

Wearing the right color eye shadow can enhance the natural eye color actually intensifying the eye color. 

Eye shadow colors that are opposite of your eye color will bring out the intensity of your eye color. 
color wheel
They are called complimentary colors. Complimentary are opposite each other on the color wheel. 

Eye Shadow Colors to Enhance your Eye Color

Blue Eyes
eye shadow for blue eyes 
For blue eyes, orange is opposite of blue on the color wheel. 

Choose eyeshadow in shades of coral, peach, copper, rust, and warm brown to bring out the blue of your eyes. 

Taupe, plum, charcoal and black are flattering neutrals for blue eyes. 

The old rule of thumb is blue eyed people should not wear blue eye shadow. The thinking was the blue shadow will detract from the blue of the eyes. 

I find that some blue shadows look great on blue eyed people. 

Navy and deep blue gray are very flattering. Avoid light and bright blues however. People will only notice at the eye shadow not your eyes.

Green and Hazel Eyes 
eye shadow for green eyes 
Red and red violet are complimentary colors for green and yellow green so eye shadow with a bit of red or purple in them will bring out green in green eyes.

Deep pink, red brown, burgundy, red violet, violet, and plums look fabulous on green eyes. 

Flattering neutrals in taupe, bronze, deep purple and charcoal are also great choices. 

They say green eyes should not wear green shadow as it will detract from the green of the eyes. I think the right color green will work. Blackened greens look great on green eyes.

Brown Eyes
It is hard to say what the complimentary color for brown is since brown is a mix of all the primary colors. They say any color looks great on brown eyes.

There are so many shades of brown eyes. The shades of brown go from light golden brown to deep dark brown. You have to look at the undertones in the brown. 

For example, eyes that are a warm brown have a bit of orange in them so blue would be complimentary. 

A very dark cool brown eye can almost have a purple tinge. Golden colors would be complimentary.

You can also take a close look at the colors in the iris of the eyes. You may see flecks of colors such as green, copper or gold. This gives you a hint of what shadow colors will bring out your eye color. 

Shadows in the red family would compliment green flecks. Shadows on the blue family would compliment copper flecks. Purples would compliment golden flecks.

Eye shadow in shades of purple, blue and brown look great on all shades of brown eyes. Deep mahoganies, espressos, coppers and charcoals are also good choices.

Let's recap the eyeshadows for your eye color:

Blue eyes
Complimentary colors to intensify eye color: coral, peach, copper, rust and warm brown. 
Flattering neutrals: taupe, black, plum, charcoal, navy and blue gray.

Green and Hazel Eyes
Complimentary colors to intensify eye color: deep pink, red brown, burgundy, red violet, violet, and plums
Flattering neutrals: taupe, bronze, deep purples, charcoal and blackened greens.

Brown Eyes
Complimentary colors for warm brown eyes: blue, blue violet and purple.
Complimentary colors for cool brown eyes: yellow, gold and yellow green.
Flattering neutrals for all brown eyes: deep mahogany, espresso, copper and charcoal.
Looks for the flecks of color in brown eyes to determine the complimentary color.

Go complimentary to make your eyes look gorgeous! 
        Have a Beautiful Day! 
Licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist

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