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Monday, August 18, 2014

NYX Le Chick Flick Waterproof Mascara Review

I am always looking for a good waterproof mascara. I don't need it everyday, but it is great on vacation and I always use waterproof on my brides. I am trying out a mascara from the NYX Boudoir collection, Le Chick Flick. It's an inexpensive mascara. Just $6.
nyx le chick flick mascara

It has my favorite bunny logo on it!

nyx le chick flick mascara cruelty free

It went on beautifully. Smooth, very black and no clumping or flaking at all. It lengthened my lashes but the lashes did stick together a little bit. So far, so good.

nyx le chick flick mascara on lashes

I will be spending my day at the beach today to give it a good test.

nyx le chick flick mascara on beach

It is holding up well so far. No smearing or smudges! 

Well, it is now the end of a fun day at the beach and my mascara performed very well. Here it is after the splash test. Almost perfect. There are few very small dots after being exposed to water and they could be from my eye liner. 
Look how good the lashes still look after all day! I didn't actually swim with this mascara on so I don't know how well it would hold up underwater for an extended amount of time.
nyx le chick flick mascara wet
Soap and water took most of the mascara off. Eye makeup remover was definitely in order. 
It's good. I would use it again.

        Have a Beautiful Day! 
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