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Friday, September 19, 2014

Gel Polish and Gel Nails are different

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We get calls at the salon all the time for people wanting gel polish but they ask for gel nails on the phone. We don't do gel nails but we do gel polish. Customers are being turned away because of the confusion of using the wrong terminology.

What is the difference between gel polish and gel nails?

Both gel polish and gel nails are light cured applications for nails. They are both cured with either a UV lamp or LED lamp depending on the type of product. There is one big difference between them though. 

Interesting side note: 
Both UV lamps and LED lamps produce UV Radiation. LED lamps produce less UV and cure at a quicker rate so the UV exposure is less. Therefore, LED cured nail products are the safer way to go if you are concerned about the amount UV exposure you receive during light cured nail product application.

Gel Polish 

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Light cured gel polish is also known as soak off polish. It is a nail polish cured by a light designed to last about 14 days and then be removed by soaking it off with acetone.

Gel Nails 

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Light cured gel nails are a type of artificial nails also cured with a light to lengthen nails or cover weak nails. They grow out with the natural nails and the nails must be refilled every 2 weeks (just like an acrylic refill) to prevent lifting and keep the natural nails covered.

The gels used to build gel nails can come in colors which may be contribute to the confusion between gel polish and gel nails.

Remember gel nails are the creation of longer artificial nails or are protective nail coverings. 

Gel polish is just polish. It doesn't add any length to your natural nails and is removed after 2 weeks.

I hope that help clear up the confusion or just using the wrong terminology between gel polish and gel nails.

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