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Sunday, August 6, 2017

10 Great Little Sunscreen Tips You May Not Know

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The sun's strong UV rays tan and burn your skin. Sunscreen is a must to protect skin and keep it healthy and beautiful. Use at least a 30 SPF sunscreen. 100 SPF is over kill and can cause skin irritation. The key is to reapply. One layer of sunscreen applied in the morning will not be protecting you at 3:oo in the afternoon.

Look for SPF in your makeup and skin care products for more UV protection. I have a bunch of simple sunscreen tips. They are practical daily anti aging sunscreen tips that you may never have thought about. 

Here are 10 great little sunscreen tips:

1. Protect the back of your hands
sunscreen on hands
You really need to wear sunscreen on the back of your hands everyday to help prevent crepey skin and those ugly dark age spots, but we all hate that greasy palm feeling after applying. Here's a trick: put a dollop of sunscreen on the back of one hand then rub the backs of your hands together. Done, with no greasy palms!

2. Protect your knees

dark knees
Knees tend to get really dark when exposed to the sun giving them a dirty look. Look for a mineral sunscreen containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to create a thick barrier between your skin and the sun. Wear a high sunscreen, 40 to 50 SPF, on the knees daily to keep them from getting too dark.

3. Avoid flip flop lines
silver toes
Wear a high sunscreen, 40 to 50 SPF, on the tops of your feet everyday to avoid getting a flip flop tan.

4. Prevent waxing hyper pigmentation

eye brow
Wear a high 50 SPF sunscreen on a freshly waxed area of skin when in the sun, the brows and upper lip especially. Sometimes waxing can cause hyper pigmentation, a dramatic blotchy darkening of he skin, from the UV rays.

5. Apply enough sunscreen

sunscreen in shot glass
You should be applying about 1 ounce of a broad spectrum sunscreen per application.  Let a shot glass be your guide!

6. Sunscreens expire

date sunscreen
 Some sunscreen bottles have expiration dates printed on them, some do not. Sunscreen looses it potency after a year, especially if the bottle was exposed to sunlight in your beach bag, leaving you less protected from damaging UV rays. Toss your old sunscreen and buy new. If there is no date, write the date on the bottom of the bottle with a Sharpie when you buy it. That way when you find a stray bottle, you know if it's old and should be tossed.

7. Protect your lips
lip tint
Look great & protect your lips while you are in the sun with a tinted lip balm with SPF.

8.Don't rely solely on your foundation's SPF
foundation brush
Foundation with SPF is not enough protection for hours of sun exposure. We don't apply foundation thick enough to get the SPF protection listed on the bottle. Plus, we would need to reapply frequently and would end up with caked on foundation. Use a sunscreen under your foundation.

9. Layer your sun protection

sun protection products
Layering products that contain SPF won't increase the SPF number. For instance, using a SPF 15 sunscreen with a 20 SPF BB cream doesn't add up to a 35. Layering your products does give you more thorough coverage, though.

Layer 1: Apply a sunscreen to your clean dry face. Allow it to absorb for 10 minutes. 

Layer 2: Apply your foundation or BB cream.

Layer 3: Apply powder mineral foundation. Not only does it give you sun protection with a physical SPF, it is easy to brush on a little more throughout the day for continuing protection without getting cakey.

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10. Use a BB cream and foundation that contains SPF. Here are some good ones!

bb cream
Super BB All in 1 Beauty Balm Cream by Physician's Formula SPF 30, $14.95

ELF BB Cream SPF 20, $6.00

Bare Minerals Original Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 by Bare Escentuals, $29.00

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Foundation SPF 15 by Tarte, $39.00

Pacifica Dreamy Cover Bare-Faced Serum Foundation SPF 20, $17.00

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free All-in-1 ABC Cushion SPF 50 Foundation, $16.00

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       Have a Beautiful Day! 
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