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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

1960s Twiggy Style Eye Makeup Tutorial

twiggy eye makeup tutorial
This is a post I did a few years ago when a wore a hippie costume for Halloween. It was time to revisit it for my costume this year.
I am very excited about our Halloween theme at the salon! It's the 60s. I love this era in fashion. The bell bottoms, the white boots, the trapeze dresses, the round glasses, the dramatic makeup. So fun! Plus, there is a strong 60s influence in today's fashion.

There are some many styles you do with a 1960s theme. You have the mod look, the sophisticated Jackie Kennedy sheath dress look, the hippie look and my personal favorite, the gogo look! 

And there is Twiggy.

I have always been fascinated with Twiggy, the super model popular from 1966-1970. I guess I'm showing my age. I even had the Twiggy board game at my grandparents house!
twiggy board game
Twiggy was the world's first super model. She was known for her skinny body and that dark 60's style makeup with false lashes, drawn on lower lashes and thick spiky mascara that she worn. Her eye makeup was dark and bold. She said that she would spend 90 minutes doing her makeup and used 3 sets of false lashes.

Twiggy Makeup

I had to try it for my Halloween Hippie costume. But, I used just 1 set of false lashes. I couldn't bear to wear 3 sets all night! I added my Amazon Associate links to this post to help you find the perfect cruelty free makeup to create this Twiggy makeup look.

It's always fun and a little challenging to create an iconic look.

Twiggy's Style Inspiration

Twiggy wanted to have smoky eyes like the 1930's film stars. She wanted that big, round, dark eyed look. She used black and white colors to create her famous makeup. She used pot of black eye liner and a brush to precisely paint on her eye liner, dark rounded crease and those drawn on lower lashes.

That little pot of eyeliner is quite difficult to find these days but those sponge tip liquid liner pens are everywhere and are easy to use. 
Notice that double flick Twiggy made at the outer corners of her eyes. 

As for her lips, she blotted them out with pancake makeup to create a matte nude look.

1960s Lipstick Colors

Twiggy also would wear the pastel lipstick colors that were popular at that time. Popular 1960s lipstick colors were white, nearly white, nude, pale pink, and peach. The lipstick finishes were sheer, matte or slightly frosted.
twiggy eye makeup
Here are the makeup supplies I used to create my Twiggy eye makeup. I used tweezers too!
eye makeup

How to do 1960s Twiggy Style Eye Makeup

Step 1:
 White Eye Shadow
I started by applying white eye shadow to my eyelid. 

Step 2: Tightline
Use black eye shadow and a brush to tightline the upper lashes. Tightlining is lining the upper rim of the eye so that the liner is at the roots of the eyelashes. It helps create a bolder dark solid liner.

Step 3: The flicked Up Liner
A felt tip eye liner makes an easy line on the top lashes with a little flick up at the end. I find it easiest to draw the flick up first then do the liner. Draw the flick only. Now, start the liner at the inner corner and work your way across the lashline to meet the already drawn flick.

Step 4: Draw The Crease 
For the crease, start by drawing an outline for the eye shadow crease area.  I used a brown black eyeliner pencil to draw the bottom crease line on my eyelid, then I drew the top line of the crease area extending it out to create the top little flick.

Step 5:  Fill The Crease
Use a brush to fill in the crease area in with black eye shadow. I used dark brown and black eye shadows blended together. Adding the dark brown gives the black a richer look.

Step 6: Emphasize The Flicks
Now back to the felt tip liner. Define the top flicked liner and connect the flicked lash liner to the crease line to create the lower flick. 

Step 7: Draw on Bottom Lashes
I also used the felt tip liner to draw on a few lashes on my skin at the outer edges of my lower lashes. 

Step 8: Apply Strip Lashes 
Start by curling your lashes with a lash curler. Apply a light coat of mascara and let it dry. I always recommend latex free lash glue to avoid any potential latex allergy reactions. Apply the glue to the strip lash, wait a minute and apply the strip to your lashline.

Step 9: Mascara 
Apply several coats of mascara on the top and bottom lashes. Use a pair of tweezers to squeeze groups of lashes together to make them look more spiky.

Step 10:  Hide the Lash Strip
Add more liner to the top lash line with the felt tip liner to hide the strip of the lashes.

Step 11: White Liner
I finished by using a white eyeliner on the lower rim of the eye to create a more open round eyed look.

I can see why Twiggy took so long to do her eyes!!! 

Be an artist and have fun with makeup not only on Halloween but on everyday! Thanks for stopping by and do you best to use cruelty free makeup. The animals thank you! 💗
Hippie costume
Have a Groovy Day!

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