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How Long is Makeup Good for?

Hope you all are enjoying a bit of down time this holiday season. I am spending my down time preparing for the new year, finishing end of year paper work and cleaning. I have this compulsion to go into the new year with a clean house! That also includes cleaning out my old makeup. It's time to get rid of the old stuff and buy some fun new makeup to freshen up my collection. Maybe even buy a new makeup case with my Christmas money!

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Here is your annual reminder about how long makeup is good for.

Mascara: 3 months

Cream Blush and Eye Shadows: 6 months
Concealer: 12 months
Liquid Foundation: 12 months
Lipstick: 12-18 months
Lip and Eye Pencil: 3 years (sharpened regularly)
Powder Shadows and Face Powders: 2-3 years
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Makeup Brush Cleaning Tips:

Use a makeup brush cleaner, gentle shampoo or a liquid soap to wash your brushes followed by a good rinse. 

Pat them with a towel and give them a shake to remove excess water. 

Reshape them with your fingers and let them air dry.  

Clean foundation brushes and sponges after each use. Liquid anti bacterial soap works great on makeup sponges.

Other brushes, such as blush and powder, should be cleaned once a week or every other week.

More Tips:

Always use clean brushes and applicators when dipping into your cosmetics to help keep them clean.

If a lipstick or any other cream or liquid makeup doesn't smell right, toss it.

It is especially important to replace your mascara every 3 months. 

Start your year with fresh clean makeup.

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