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Monday, March 21, 2016

How tame hair static

Hello friends! Is your hair acting wild and crazy like mine? 
static hair
The calendar says it's spring but my dry staticky hair says it still feels like winter. We need a little humidity. Just a little. When it gets too humid here in Philly, we all complain! There are a few easy things we can try to help calm that fly away hair till the humidity comes! 

Tips To Calm Hair Static

A Shaving Brush & Hairspray
Calm static like the hair stylists on professional photo shoots. Spray on a little hairspray then use a good old fashioned shaving brush to gently smooth down the hairs without disturbing your hairstyle. My favorite hairspray is Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine. Find it in salons and on Amazon. Find shaving brushes in the shaving cream section at your favorite drug store or super store.
Always use a good conditioner at every shampoo. Well hydrated hair will be less fly away. You can also try a leave in conditioner. A leave in conditioner leaves moisturizers on the hair that reduce static. Apply  a leave in conditioner to clean damp hair, don't rinse, then blow dry and style your hair. The Conditioner by Paul Mitchell is a great leave in conditioner. It also works as a lotion for your skin!
Hair Oil
A little hair oil works wonders. Put a small amount of a hair oil, such as Moroccan Oil, in your hand. Work it into your hair. It works on dry hair as well as wet hair. Hair serums work too. Many hair serums are silicon based instead of oil based. Try Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum.

Ionic Blow Dryer

Use an ionic blow dryer to calm the static. Iconic blow dryers emit negative ions. Staticky hair is charged up with positive ions. The negative ions attach themselves to the positive ions and calm the static. An added bonus, ionic blow dryers help make your hair shinier.

read more about ionic blow dryers

Dryer Sheets

Use a dryer sheet to gently smooth down fly away hairs. Or rub a dryer sheet on your hair brush before brushing your hair. Dryer sheets are also great for calming static in your clothes. Rub them on that clingy shirt and the cling goes away.

Metal Comb

Use a wide tooth metal comb instead of a plastic comb. The metal helps reduce the electric charge in your hair. A comb also creates less static than a brush.

Hand Lotion

If you don't have any hair products handy, try a bit of hand lotion. Put a little bit of hand lotion in your hand, rub your hands together to distribute it so there is a light film of lotion on your hands. Now lightly smooth down the staticky hairs with your hands.

I hope these tips help you tame those fly away hairs!

        Have a Beautiful Day! 
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