Friday, May 20, 2016

Underwater Video in Jamaica

This is the beautiful world of Jamaica underwater. It's just 
magnificent! The colors are simply amazing. The fish, the coral, all the sea life. 
Look at the purple on that sea fan.

The deep water scares me, but it also fascinates me. We did some snorkeling during our last trip to Jamaica and got some really great GoPro video. I put all the clips together to create a relaxing video that shows the awesome 
undersea world. 

My husband held the GoPro camera which was attached to a stick as he snorkeled. I recently saw a snorkeling mask that had a camera attached to it on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. That looks like a fabulous idea! I also found a snorkeling mask that a GoPro can attach to. Those masks would sure make getting some great underwater footage easier.

I hope you enjoy our video. The link is just below this paragraph. I love it and could watch it over and over. You may just want to book a trip to Jamaica after watching it. I want to!

Click here to view Snorkeling in Negril, Jamaica-Underwater Beauty

I have a few tips to help you look beautiful while you snorkel in the underwater beauty.

Your Eyes 
Obviously, you must wear waterproof mascara to avoid raccoon eyes. Too Faced has a new Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara to give you sexy lashes that stay looking beautiful underwater. 

Your Lips
To keep your lips looking sexy, try a lip stain. Josie Maran makes a nice on that stays on great even under the sea. You can use it on your cheeks as well.

Your Hair
A ponytail or even better, a braid keeps long hair under control during snorkeling.
Have a Beautiful Day!

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