Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summer Wedding Makeup: Tips for Sweat Proof Makeup at The Westin Wilmington

I had the pleasure of doing some onsite wedding makeup this past weekend. The beautiful bride was planning an outdoor ceremony at The Westin Wilmington, Delaware on one of the hottest days of this summer. Sweat proof makeup that would withstand the summer heat and last all day was definitely required! The beautiful bridal suite in The Westin, where we did the makeup application, was bright, roomy and very well appointed for entertaining I must say.
The bride's gown was a stunning trumpet/mermaid strapless
sweetheart gown in shimmering off white lace.
The bridesmaid dresses were shades of beige, brown and pink in various styles. I can't wait to see pictures of everyone!

For the bride's makeup, we chose a soft smokey eye in pink and shades of brown and a soft pink lip to coordinate with the wedding color theme. The shadow colors really complimented her dark brown eyes. 

She's a Gorgeous Summer Bride!
She wanted fabulous lashes. She already had great lashes. We decided to forgo strip lashes and just enhance her own lashes. To get her own lashes more fabulous, I applied waterproof mascara, added lash fibers to the mascara to help extend her natural lashes a bit then, I added a few knotted lash flares to the outer lashes to add a little more drama.
lash flares
A hot summer day requires special makeup application techniques to keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the whole wedding day.

Use a light moisturizer before applying primer and foundation. A heavy moisturizer will be occlusive and may create too much shine on a hot day.

A mattifying face primer should be used on oily skin to keep shine down. 

An eye shadow primer is also important to prevent shadow from creasing and slipping out of place. My very favorite shadow primer is Urban Decay Primer Potion.


Use waterproof mascara and eye liner. Waterproof products won't budge when the skin sweats. It is possible that they can smudge when the skin get oily though. Oils dissolve waterproof mascara.

Matte Foundation

Use a matte or semi matte foundation. Avoid a foundation that is too luminous. It can look sweaty instead of glowy.

Double Blush
Use a cream blush topped with a dusting of powder blush for super staying power. Both blushes should be similar colors.

Face Powder

Application of face powder is necessary to keep shine down. Use a brush to dust on an even layer. Dust on a second layer for extra shine protection. Using a powder puff applicator may lay down an uneven layer of powder and look blotchy.

Setting Spray

A makeup setting spray will help hold all the makeup in place when the skin sweats. Apply it after makeup application is complete.

Blotting Papers 

Carry these with to use throughout the day. Use the blotting papers to absorb sweat and oil from your face without disturbing your foundation. Blot, don't rub, then, dust on a thin layer of face powder if you look still look shiny.

These makeup tips will help you stay fresh looking all day long!
trumpet bridal gown
Cheers pretty ladies!

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Have a Beautiful Day!

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