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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Decorating with Wall Decals

I don't know about you, but I am always afraid of hanging pictures and decorations on my walls. I never seem to be satisfied with the placement and end up moving the picture up or down or over an inch or two making holes all over the wall. Wall decals have been a gift to my walls. No more holes!

I had this space over the piano in my dining room/music room/sewing room that was crying for some wall art. 
green dining room
These wall decals, from RoomMates, in a music theme were just perfect.
RoomMates wall decals
I purchased them from A.C. Moore with a coupon. They were a great deal! $14.50 then the 50% off coupon! You can also get them at roommatesdecor.com and on, my favorite online shopping place, Amazon. These decals are a great way to decorate apartment walls. My friend has been using them in her apartments for years.

They are super easy to apply. Just peel them off of the backing and stick them to the wall. The walls should be clean and dry. You need to wait 3 weeks to apply them to freshly painted walls. The package says you can apply them to wallpaper as well. You also need to wait 3 weeks to apply to freshly papered walls.

I love that you can move them around so easily. If you don't like where you put it, just peel it off and move it and there are no holes!!! They seem to stay sticky even when they have been moved several times. I highly recommend them

It was a bit overwhelming when I opened the package and saw all the pieces. I wanted to create my own design instead of following the design on the package. It took a bit of thought, organization and about 1 hour to get my wall art done.
RoomMates wall decals music notes

click here to watch me in action creating my design!

Over time, I have tweeked the design, took it down, painted the wall, put it back up a little differently than the first design and added to it. I didn't use the gray pieces because I wanted an all black design above our black piano. I added to the design by using a black sharpie to color the gray pieces black. It worked perfectly! Here's what the design looks like right now.
wall decals music note design
I even added a music note on the light switch plate!
wall decals music note on light switch plate
There are so many different styles and themes of wall decals to choose from. There are simple designs, kids designs, quotes, murals, wallpaper, etc. They even have peel and stick backsplashes that look like tile. How awesome is that! I would love to try them. 

There are also many different companies making wall decals Wall Pops, Decowall, DaGou, Meco and more. I chose a few favorite decals at the bottom of this post. 
shop for beautiful wall decals on Amazon

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