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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How to Apply Shimmer Eye Shadow to Older Eyes

pink shimmer shadow
Q. I have read that older women should not wear shimmery or frosted eye shadow. Is this true?

A. Highly frosted and heavy shimmer eye shadows can add too much light reflection that accentuates wrinkles and puffiness. Highly frosted shadow can also create an old fashioned dated look. 

It is my opinion that older women can wear a soft sheer shimmer shadow, a satin or a very lightly frosted shadow. In fact, brightening the eyelids with an eye shadow with a light metallic finish can create a more youthful appearance. 

Older women should avoid opaque heavy glitter shadows and heavily frosted eye shadows. White, very pale pink and light blue metallic shadows do not compliment older eyes and should also be avoided. 

How to apply shimmer eye shadow on older eyes:
Use a combination of shimmer and matte eye shadows to create your look. Always start with Urban Decay Primer potion to increase shadow wear and prevent eye shadow creasing.

1. Apply a soft shimmer eye shadow to your eyelids. Use more than one color to create dimension. Apply a light shade on the inner half of the eyelid. Apply a medium shade on the outer half of the eyelid.

2. Then, use a deeper matte or semi matte shade of eye shadow in the crease. 

3. Use a light matte shade under the eye brows to highlight the brow bone.

So what's the difference between frosted, shimmer, glitter and metallic eye shadows?

Frosted, shimmer, satin and glitter are types of metallic eye shadow finishes.

A satin finish has the least amount of metallic shine to it. It can also be called semi matte. It has a subtle shimmer and sometimes it can be hard to tell if the eye shadow is metallic or matte when looking at it.

Frosted Eye Shadow
Frosted eye shadow has an opaque pearlized look that creates a smooth sheen on the eyes. Frosted eye shadow can be heavily frosted or lightly frosted. A frosted eye shadow can also have iridescence. Iridescence is when an eye shadow has an undertone, usually pink, purple or blue, that creates a two tone or flip flop color effect. 
urban decay misdemeanor

Shimmer Eye Shadow
Shimmer eye shadow can also be called glimmer eye shadow. Shimmer eye shadow has a sheer glimmery look and has very fine metallic particles. It's usually on the sheer side but many shimmer shadows can be built up with layers to create a more solid appearance.
urban decay smog

Glitter Eye Shadow
Glitter eye shadow has actual pieces of glitter in it. The glitter particles can range from large to very small. It creates the ultimate sparkle. The glitter particles can be neutral (gold or silver)  in color or they can be colored. A glitter shadow can be sheer or heavily pigmented. 
urban decay oil slick

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