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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Nail Polish Colors Spring 2018: The Zoya Thrive Collection, Swatches and Color Descriptions

It's the first full day of spring but it doesn't look like spring here in the Philadelphia area!
snow on daffadils
Snow is coming down fast and furious with the possibility of 12+ inches! 😭 This is our fourth Nor'Easter this March. Ridiculous!!!
snow on butterfly bush
 At least my nails look like spring!
zoya thrive nail polish collection spring 2018
Zoya's Thrive Collection of six colors for spring is happy and nicely pigmented. The rich opaque colors go on smooth and easy with no streaking. There are three creams and three metallics. One of the metallics, Leisel, is a very sheer shimmering topper. All the colors are gorgeous!!! You must add them to your nail polish collection!
zoya darby sample
Darby is a dusty blue gray with a soft slightly iridescent metallic. It covers the nails beautifully.
zoya darby swatch
zoya darby and leisel swatch
Darby topped with Liesel

zoya trudith sample
Trudith is a grayed wisteria purple cream. Perfect opaque coverage.
zoya trudith
zoya trudith swatch
zoya trudith and leisel swatch
Trudith topped with Leisel
I love this combination and had it on my toes during our warm February!
zoya trudith and leisel pedicure

zoya brandi sample

Brandi is a soft medium warm pink. It's creamy and opaque.
zoya brandi
zoya brandi swatch
zoya brandi and leisel swatch
Brandi topped with Leisel

zoya monroe sample
 Monroe is a raspberry pink cream with opaque coverage.
zoya monroe swatch
zoya monroe and leisel swatch
Monroe topped with Leisel

zoya leisel
Leisel is a sheer pinky purple shimmer topper that adds beautiful sparkling dimension to all of the other Thrive colors. You can wear it alone for soft, sheer, shimmering color. It will build up for opaque coverage. I have two coats on my nails.
zoya leisel
zoya leisel swatch

zoya haruku sample
Haruko is a semi sheer pale lavender with a barely there slightly iridescent metallic.
zoya haruku
zoya haruku swatch
zoya haruku and leisel swatch
Haruku topped with Leisel

I love them all! 

As always, Zoya nail polish is cruelty free, vegan and safe: free of 10 harmful chemicals.

Find Zoya nail polish in salons and spas, on zoya.com and on Amazon for a great price! 

Shop for the Zoya Thrive Collection

See me in Media, Pa for a healthy spring manicure and pedicure!

Think Spring!!!

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