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How to apply Self Tanner

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If you are using lots of sunscreen like you should be to keep your skin healthy and beautiful, you won't have the dark golden tan that you want. 

So, add color with self tanner!

The picture above is the deck at a beach house we rented in Sea Isle City, NJ. Someone before us used the deck to get their spray tan on!😂

There are cream, mousse and spray self tanner formulas. All create a nice tan. The formula is your preference. There are also different strength formula for the color tan you want such as medium or medium dark.

Some self tanners are tinted so you can see exactly where you have applied it. The tint will wash off in the shower. Don't worry, it's not your tan washing off! 

The tan will take a few hours to develop. The ingredient is self tanners is dihydroxyacetone. It is actually a naturally derived ingredient from plants including sugar beets and sugar cane. The dihydroxyacetone interacts with the amino acids in the top layers of the skin causing it to darken. It doesn't damage the skin in any way.

People with sensitive skin should do a patch test on a small area before applying self tanner all over to sure their skin isn't irritated by it.

Here are some application tips to get a gorgeous fake tan. 

How to Apply Self Tanner 

Exfoliate First
Exfoliate your skin well with a dry body brush before you shower or use a body scrub in the shower. Concentrate on thick skin areas such as the feet and knees.


Apply a light film of moisturizer. This will help prevent pores from darkening too much causing them to stand out.

Oil Thick Skin

Apply a thin layer of an oil or thick moisturizer to feet, knees and other areas of thickened skin so they don't get too dark.

Wear Gloves

Wear gloves to keep your palms from turning dark during application.


Apply self tanner sparingly on areas of thick and/or calloused skin such as the feet, ankles, knees, elbows, knuckles, etc.

Cream Self Tanner Application

Work on one section of the body at a time. For your legs, do the calf, then do the thigh. For the arms, do the lower arm, then do the upper arm and so on. You have more control going section by section.

Put a quarter sized dollop of the cream self tanner in the palm of your gloved hand. Then, apply it to your skin massaging it in a circular motion evenly over one section of your body. Use both of your gloved hands to smooth and massage the self tanner over the skin until it's well blended. Move along section by section.

Any thick areas of the tanner will look blotchy or streaky so massage it in really well. One good layer is usually enough. Do a second coat after the first layer has dried if you are looking for more color.

Spray Self Tanner Application

Spray the tanner on section by section holding the can 12"-14" from your skin. 

Use long strokes to apply a thin layer of tanner. You will still need use your gloved hands to smooth out the spray in a circular motions. Let it dry. Then, you can apply another thin layer if you want. Do not spray your face. Spray the tanner onto a sponge and apply it to your face.

Be careful where you are while applying your spray tan. The over spray gets everywhere!  I like to spray tan outside or in the shower with the shower curtain closed so I can wash off 

the shower when I am done.

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Let it dry

Wait until tanner is dry before dressing. Avoid contact with water for 4-6 hours. The initial colorant will wash off when you shower but a nice tan will remain.  The fake will gradually wear off like a real tan does.

Reapply every 3-4 days to keep your tan. 

are my favorite self tanner brands.

Remember, this is a fake tan. It offers you no protection from the sun. Be sure to wear sunscreen over your fake tan when you are out in the sun.

Keep your skin beautifully tan and free from sun damage by getting a fake tan!

Have Beautiful Day!

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