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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hives from Waxing

Once in a while, I have a client who experiences hives immediately after a waxing. They can be small itchy bumps right where hairs were or larger welts that look like mosquito bites. The hives only last a short time. An hour at most. Typically, hives on the area that was waxed first, are already fading by the time the waxing service is completed. 
hives from waxing
This is a histamine reaction. The body is reacting to the hairs being pulled out. The body is perceiving the hair removal as a threat. The immune system springs into action producing histamine to fight the threat, like an allergic reaction. Does this mean my client was allergic to the wax? No. The body is reacting to the irritation of the hair being pulled out not the wax itself, producing inflammation and hives as a defense mechanism.

Calm the Reaction

There are some things you can do to calm the reaction. You could take an anti histamine allergy medication such as Zyrtec before you get waxed. After waxing, apply a thin layer of an anti histamine cream such as, Benedryl Cream, to help stop the histamine reaction. You can also try a thin layer of a cortico steroid cream, such as hydrocortizone cream, to help calm the inflammation.

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I have also heard that hives and excessive redness occur when there is too much acid in the body. Taking an antacid, such as Tums, about 20 minutes before waxing will help calm this type of reaction. A salt water compress after waxing will also calm the reaction.

You can choose to wait it out. The hives will go away on their own.

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  1. My welts don't go away, they turn into water-filled blisters like cold sores. I'm in a dilemma. My skin is so sensitive it reacts negatively to epilating/waxing and I seem to be allergic to chemical depilatory products.

  2. You may be allergic or have over reactive sensitive skin. If the blisters are small like little pimples, sometimes removing bacteria by applying an antiseptic compress to the skin before and after waxing plus using wax formulated for sensitive skin eases the problem. You should probably stick to tweezing, threading and using an epilator or consider eletrolysis. Electrolysis is a permanent form of hair removal that may work for you. The hairs are treated one by one using an electrical current. It's time consuming but the hairs are gone for good!