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Friday, June 19, 2015

Cuticle Care

dry cuticle

We have all done it. 

Pulled a loose piece of skin around the nail. 

Hangnails. Those are those annoying pieces of dry skin around our nails are so easy to pick, pull, rip and bite! 

Unfortunately when we pull that piece of skin off, we are left with a little injury that has to heal. A germ can easily jump in that opening in the skin and start an infection. I've seem it time and time again. I've even seen infections so bad that a doctor's visit was required! 

The key is to keep the skin as moisturized as possible to stop the dry picky skin. 

Here are 6 ways to help you break the cuticle picking habit. 

Let's count down to #1:

6. Oil
Massage a cuticle oil frequently around your nails. I like CND solar oil but any oil, especially olive oil, will do.

5. Hand Cream
Apply hand cream after the oil. Always apply hand cream after washing your hands and at bed time. I like CeraVe.

4. Gloves
Always wear gloves when cleaning or washing dishes even when it's just one dish!

3. Break the Picking Habit
Wear a rubber band on your wrist to snap and play with instead of picking your cuticles.

2. Clip Snags
Use a cuticle nipper to trim away a loose piece of skin. Don't cut the skin around the nails. Most people think that skin is all cuticle. It's isn't. The cuticle is that thin film of skin that grows between the nail and the skin around the nail. If you cut the skin around the nail, in a day or two it will fray up creating more pieces of loose skin to pick, pull, rip and bite! 

#1. Manicures
Get a manicure to remove all that rough picky skin. Have your nail tech do a spa manicure that includes a scrub and a super moisturizing treatment with a mask or paraffin treatment.

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