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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Is Organic Food more Nutritious.... Ketchup

We know that organic food has no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, hormones or antibiotics, but is organic food more nutritious? 

I have read many articles that say organic and conventional produce is nutritional the same. Organically farmed produce and conventionally farmed produce seem to have the same nutritional value when it comes to vitamins and minerals. Organic, of course has less pesticide and chemical residue.

But what about the anti oxidants, those plant chemicals that give fruits and veggies their free radical fighting power? 

Anti oxidants are not listed on the nutritional labels but are extremely important when it comes to our health and the beauty of our skin.

Let's have a look at ketchup. My daughters love ketchup and eat it with a variety of foods. I read an interesting article that made me rethink the kind of ketchup, along with other foods, I buy.
organic vs conventional kethup

Is Organic Ketchup more Nutritious than Conventional Ketchup?

A study shows that organic ketchup contains 3 times more of the anti-oxidant lycopene than conventional ketchup. 


Experts suspect that the organic tomato plant has to fight harder for its survival than the chemically treated conventionally grown tomato plant. 

The organically grown plant produces more protective anti-oxidants to protect itself. As a result, we get the benefit of higher anti-oxidant fruit. 

That is just amazing to me and it makes sense when you think about it. 

I have read this is true of organic strawberries as well. Organic strawberries contain more anti-oxidants and more Vitamin C than conventionally grown strawberries. (Vitamin C is an anti oxidant, too.)

It makes sense to me that all organic plants, not just tomato and strawberry plants, have to fight harder for survival and therefore, they all would have higher anti oxidant levels than conventional plants. That's my thought.

Most organic products are more expensive due to the organic farming expenses. I shy away from organic sometimes due to that higher price. 

The more I read, the clearer it becomes that we should be eating organic food.

And....non GMO food, but that's for another day!

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