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Cricut Craft Idea: Clean/Dirty Magnetic Sign for the Dishwasher

Since we are all stuck at home on lock down due to the COVID-19, Corona Virus, we may as well make the best of it cleaning out drawers and closets, organizing, trying new recipes, painting, crafting, having high quality family time and generally getting all those household projects done that we never have time for. 

My project list is loooong! We'll see what I can accomplish in this unexpected furlough. I've been doing some serious cleaning and organizing in my house. I don't think it's ever been this clean! This is my usual motto.

the house was clean yesterday sign
Now, I'm finding that the smallest thing that looks a mess gets on my nerves. Like this sticky note. 
We have used this method for years to let everyone know the dishes are clean in the dishwasher. 

Well, no more!!! That little note is one of those items that is making me crazy!

It's time to craft a sign for the dishwasher indicating whether it's clean or dirty. Growing up, I remember a flower magnet on the dishwasher that said dirty on one side and clean on the other. Does anyone else remember that? I think it was green on one side and yellow on the other.

I have a new Cricut Maker that my husband bought me for my birthday and I have been having some fun creating precisely cut things like names for glassware, gift tags and stencils. I like precisely cut. Now I'm always looking for a Cricut Craft Idea!


Visit the Ricci Crafting Company facebook page to see the projects my husband and I have been making

My latest crafty project is a dirty/clean magnetic sign for the dishwasher shaped like a flower, sort of like what I remember. These ideas always hit me late at night. Sometimes, I need to write them down so I can stop thinking about the ideas and go back sleep.

I didn't have the exact supplies I wanted so I made due with what I had. Some 651 vinyl, not the exact colors I wanted, and magnets I scrounged up. I could have ordered more supplies from Amazon or Michael's but the idea hit me now so I'm running with it. 

I added some Amazon links to this post to help you get the crafting supplies you need delivered right to your door. When you use the links I provide for you, I earn a small amount at no cost to you. I truly thank you for using my links!
I really needed the right kind of magnet. A round magnet would look better. But, I'm thinking a self adhesive magnet sheet would work great. It could probably be cut in the flower shape and sandwiched between the vinyl. Or maybe the sign could be just the cut magnet with the clean on one side and dirty on the other.

I'm thinking of this as my prototype to work on and improve on!!! For some reason, the "Clean" side looks better that the "Dirty" side on my dishwasher magnet! 😂 It works though!

My nail color is Zoya Aire. It's one of my favorites! You can find Zoya Aire on Amazon.

Here's a closeup of my clean/ dirty magnetic sign for the dishwasher!

clean side of dishwasher magnet zoya aire

dishwasher magnetic sign dirty
And that stupid sticky note when straight to the recycling bin! This may be a project you want to mess around with too.

Here is the flower image I used with my Cricut if you need this DIY crafting project to keep you busy. If you try it, post a pic to my facebook page. There is a facebook link to my page near the bottom of this post. I'd love to see your creation!

eight petal flower design
I did a youtube video on the project to give you some inspiration. 

Click here to watch my Make a clean/dirty magnetic sign for your Dishwasher using Cricut 

I've got plenty more projects to show so I'll be providing more creative posts and videos for your lock down entertainment (and my own entertainment as well!!!)

Gotta go. My daughter just started my favorite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast!!! I hear it from the other room and I'm singing already! " There goes the baker with his tray like always".......

Stay Healthy, Stay Sane and Be Beautiful! 😘
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