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Our Wedding Planning, Part Three: The Caterer; John Serock Catering, Caterer in West Chester, Pa

We are so exciting we found a fabulous caterer for our daughter's wedding! 
John Serock Catering in West Chester, Pa.!
Farfalle with tomatoes, basil, mozzarella
Our daughter and her fiance met John Serock at an open house at a wedding venue and sampled some of his food there. She thought his food was tasty and creative which is just what we are looking for since we have a group of vegetarians and some gluten free guests attending the wedding. 

We want to have plenty of tasty creative options for everyone to eat, so we had a tasting back in December at his location in West Chester, Pa.
John Serock Catering Sign
Cassidy, the events specialist, couldn't have been sweeter! She will help us plan the menu, create a wedding day timeline, make a floor plan for the venue, coordinate with other venders and oversee the entire event. She will also help us choose from the 56 colors available for the tablecloths and napkins!
linen choices John Serock Catering
There is also a beautiful selection of dinnerware choices.
cake pop John Serock Catering

cake pop John Serock Catering
We began our tasting with three vegetarian appetizer choices, brie and raspberry tarts, spinach triangles and crostini with red pepper goat cheese. All three were yummy especially the spinach triangles!!! 
spinach triangles John Serock Catering
We all loved them! They will definitely be on our menu with all their delicious flakiness.
butlered wedding appetizers John Serock Catering
Next came the non vegetarian appetizers, which I did not partake in, baby burgers, which looked adorable, mini potatoes with bacon and blue cheese, and sesame chicken satay with sweet chili dipping sauce. The baby burgers and the potatoes were a big hit with the meat eating crowd.
Pene ala vodka John Serock Catering
Pasta entrees came out next. We are planning on having a pasta station. We tried the farfalle with plum tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil (it's the pic at the top of this post), and penne a la vodka. OMG!!! They both were scrumptious!!! They are on the menu for sure. I can't wait to eat them again!
steak entree John Serock Catering
Some meat/fish options for the carving station came out next. Grilled salmon with cucumber riata, southwestern marinated cowboy steak with horseradish sauce and roasted short ribs. The meat eaters gave two thumbs up to the short ribs.
grilled veggies & fingerling potatoes John Serock Catering
Some delicious grilled vegetables with a balsamic drizzle and roasted fingerling potatoes were also brought out which would be served as side dishes at the carving station. Both were quite delicious!
cake pop John Serock Catering
Our tasting ended with a little sweet, a delicious little cake pop.

A wedding cake from the Master's Baker is included in the package. It is also located in West Chester, PA. My sister's wedding cake was from the Master's Baker. Their cake was a beautiful shaved white chocolate cake. That was way back in the early 90s. My brother-in-law still visits the Master's Baker frequently for pieces of cake! It's his favorite bakery.
tasting at John Serock Catering

Yummy Wedding Food! πŸ’“ I'm so excited!!! Check that off!

Our Wedding Planning Check List

✔ Wedding Venue   View my post on The Washington 
✔ Photographer      View my post on Photos by Mary

We've got plenty time and lots more planning to do.  
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bridesmaid gift

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