Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to firm up flabby skin

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Q. Beach time is coming and my skin looks awful! The skin on my thighs, derriere and stomach is loose and ripply! What can I do?

A. As we age, the production elastin and collagen in our skin slows down leaving us with not so firm skin. Stimulating the skin through exfoliation will help encourage collagen production as well as eliminate dull dry cells and improving circulation to the surface of the skin. 

Use a dry body brush over your skin before taking a shower. Use light long upwards strokes on your legs and derriere to not only exfoliate but encourage lymph drainage. Lymph drainage massage stimulates the lymphatic system to carry away wastes including excess fluid

Apply a toning body lotion such as Nuance by Salma Hayek Body Firming Cream after your shower. Give your skin a nice kneading massage as you  apply the lotion.

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Eat a diet rich in Vitamin C which is needed for production of collagen.

Start walking. The exercise will also help the look of flabby skin.

Finally, try camouflage. A fake tan does wonders for hiding our flaws.

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