Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Valentine's Day Decor and Lipstick!

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. It's a time for romance or at least creating a romantic look which translates into using shades of pinks, reds and roses in your home and in your makeup.

Valentine's Day Decor fireplace

Valentine's Day Decor Mono Chromatic Pale pink
I like this mono chromatic pale pink look. For lips too!
pale pink lips

But for this Valentine's Day, I am in search of the perfect shade of rose lipstick. 

fuchsia lips

Not too pink and not too red. 

red lips

A sort of raspberry shade that has been elusive for me. I have mixed it, but I would like to find it in a single lipstick tube. It would be easier to carry just one lipstick with me on date nights instead of two or three that need to mixed together. I will begin my quest to find the perfect shade of rose lipstick at Ulta. There may be a nice Urban Decay or NYX color. I will keep you posted on any developments with lipstick names and pics, maybe even a video!

Have a Beautiful Day!

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