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Monday, February 22, 2016

Styles of Bikini Waxing made Easy

Brazilian bikinis
The Hollywood, The Sphinx, The French, The Playboy. There are so many different names for the various styles of bikini waxing, it makes life confusing. I've been waxing people for more than 30 years and even I'm confused! 

Let's make it simple shall we? 

There are three basic types of bikini waxing. The Bikini Line Waxing, The Full Bikini Waxing and The Brazilian Waxing. All can vary a bit according to how much hair you want removed. Hair can be removed from the front section (the pubic bone area), the middle section (the labia area) and the back section (between the butt cheeks).

The Bikini Line Wax
Hair is removed from outside of the panty line and just inside the panty line, top and sides. You get a cleaned up triangle shape,

Full Bikini Wax

Hair is removed from the front and the middle far inside the panty line. It's high on the sides. You can have a landing strip. This can be a French bikini wax which means most of the hair is removed from the front leaving a landing strip and most of the hair is removed from the middle, but not from the back.

The Brazilian Wax

The hair is removed from the front and back and everything in between for a bare look. "Make me bald!" as one of my clients says. You can leave a small triangle or small thin landing strip in front which is quite popular right now. The Brazilian wax is also called The Hollywood or The Sphinx. The Playboy wax is a Brazilian with a skinny landing strip.

If you have never had a bikini wax, I recommend to start with a bikini line wax or a conservative full bikini wax to get you used to the bikini waxing process. You can always take more off at your next waxing appointment.

See me for the perfect bikini wax at Styling Point.

        Have a Beautiful Day! 
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