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Unibrow Removal for Children

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Over the years, I have had clients ask me "what's the best way to remove my child's unibrow. She will be starting school and I don't want other kids to make fun of her". Other kids can be mean! 

Little ones have sensitive skin and are afraid of hair removal so unibrow removal is a sticky situation. Speaking of sticky...haha...waxing is my #1 unibrow removal choice for adults. But a kid may not go for waxing.  Keep in mind, waxing and tweezing weaken hair over time making hair finer and less noticeable. 

Let's explore the Unibrow Hair Removal Options for Kids.

Waxing the center of the brows is quick and easy. It will last about 3-4 weeks. A child's sensitive skin may get very red after waxing but the redness should fade within an hour. 

There is also a chance of a rashy breakout on sensitive skin. The sensation of waxing is like a bandaid being pulled off, a sensation that kids hate so it may not be the best option for a very sensitive child. It is super quick though. 

I recommend visiting the salon for waxing. A waxing professional know tricks to help make a waxing less painful. This is the most effective option and it doesn't have to be done so often, if your child will do it!

There are some cold waxes you can try at home if you would like to tackle the unibrow yourself. Cold wax is less messy than hot wax. A better choice for home use. 

There are a number of brands available. The strips are plastic strips preloaded with wax. Choose the right strip size. A strip that is too large will remove too much hair. 

Warm the strip in your hands. Peel the strip apart. Press it on the area to be waxed and pull it off. Follow the directions that come with the kit.

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We all know about tweezing. Ouch! That's the problem for a kid. 

It pulls the hair out by the root like waxing but it takes time to pull hairs out one by one. A kid will not tolerate this well at all. It hurts, the eyes water, it can trigger sneezing.

Use a new sharp slanted tweezer that will grip and pull the hair. Hairs will slide through a dull old tweezer. 

I suggest applying an ice cube to the unibrow area before tweezing to numb it a bit. The good thing is it's easy to do at home. Not the best option due to the pain factor.

A depilatory is a chemical hair remover that dissolves the hair just below skin level. Nair and Neet are depilatories. 

It is a painless procedure but it is a chemical and a child's sensitive skin may react with a rash. One of my client's used a Bliss hair removal product and her daughter had a burn like reaction. 

I recommend Surgi cream if you would like to try a depilatory. It is the most gentle one that I know of. It will only last a few days so the process will need to be done at least once a week. This is a good option if your child's skin is not too sensitive.

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The hair can be bleached to make it less noticeable. The hair is still there but it is lighter. 

This is also a painless process but it is a chemical that sensitive skin can react to. A cream bleach (made for the face of course!) is mixed and applied to the unibrow area and left on for 5 or so minutes. Bleach can be removed by wiping. If hair is not light enough, repeat the process. 

There will be roots that show as the hair grows so the process will need to be done about every other week. I recommend Jolen Cream Bleach. It has been around forever and it's gentle and effective. This is not a bad option if your child's skin is not too sensitive.

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We all know this hair removal process well! 

The unibrow can be removed with a small shaver designed for facial use. The shavers can be electric or a razor blade. Shaving is painless but doesn't last very long. 

There is also the stubble factor and the itching that can occur with shaving. The unibrow will need attention every few days. It's not the best option because of stubble, itching and the frequency it needs to be done.

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Many of the options I listed are home care options. If you do not want to tackle depilatories and bleaching at home, check with your salon. They may be able to provide the service for you.

See me at Styling Point in Media, Pa. for gentle hair removal!

        Have a Beautiful Day! 
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