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Monday, February 29, 2016

Anti Aging Skin Care for a body part you don't think of

There is a body part that most (if no all) of us seem to neglect in our beauty regimens. Can you guess what it is? 
gold and silver earring
It's the ears & earlobes!!!

I have heard that the ears continue to grow as we age. That seems to be true when you see old guys with those big, big ears! The ears don't really grow. It can seem like they grow but what is really happening is they are stretching. They stretch due to the breakdown of the elastin and collagen in cartilage that makes up the ears and that ever present pull of gravity. The earlobes can get saggy just like the skin on any other part of our body. UV damage from the sun causes more elastin and collagen breakdown. So what's a girl to do to keep the ears from getting big and flappy? Add the ears to your anti aging skincare routine. 

Apply an anti aging serum to your earlobes as well as your face to help keep them firm and help prevent sagging. 

Anti Aging Cream
Use an anti aging face cream on your earlobes as well as your face after the application of the anti aging serum. Retinol, peptides and hyaluronic acid are great anti aging ingredients to look for in anti aging creams.

Apply daytime moisturizer and/or sunscreen to your face and ears daily to prevent sun damage. Your daytime moisturizer should contain sunscreen.

Light Weight Earrings
Avoid wearing heavy earrings that pull and stretch the earlobes.

Eat Healthy
Eat lots of fruits and veggies that are full of Vitamin C and anti oxidants to fight free radicals and help the body make collagen.

It's a never ending anti aging battle! Everyday. Keep on fighting.        

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