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Body Massage Video and Massage Benefits

back massage
Have you ever have a body massage? If not, you really should try one. I had a wonderful body massage on the beach on my last trip to Jamaica. It was done at sunset which made it even nicer! 
negril jamaica sunset
I made a video of the massage for you and included lots of tips for you to get the most out of a massage.

Click here to watch my massage video!

Massage is a healing therapeutic treatment which has many health benefits in addition to the whole relaxing aspect of massage. Various techniques such as long and short strokes, kneading, circular motions, pressure and vibration are used to manipulate the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Regular massage treatments provide the most benefit for your body. Try to get one each month.

The Benefits of Massage


The manipulation of soft tissue promotes relaxation, well being and stress reduction.

Stress Hormone Reduction

The level of the stress hormone cortisol drops during a massage. Less stress gives us better sleep, a stronger immune system, better focus and an increased energy level.

Pain Relief 

Endorphins, the brain chemicals that are our natural pain relievers and stress reducers, increase during a massage. Headache and migraine sufferers find their headaches are lessened with regular massage.

Circulation is increased providing more oxygen to the tissues of the body, better elimination of toxins, better healing of sports injuries, better healing from illness and better healing after surgery. This includes circulation to the skin.

Fluid Drainage

Circulation is improved which helps drain fluids and reduce fluid retention. I always have ear pain when flying, especially when landing. I had my massage the day before flying home. This was the first time I had no ear pain when flying. I feel the massage helped to drain fluid in the ears which reduced ear pressure.

Relief of Muscle Tension
Tense muscles are loosened and relaxed during a massage.

Better Flexibility

Massage loosen tight muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons allowing the body to be more flexible. Better flexibility helps prevent muscle injuries.


The human touch creates a feeling of well being and being cared for which helps relieve anxiety.

Virus Fighting

A study done at the Cedar-Sinai Medical Center showed that a 45 minute Swedish massage significantly boosted levels NK cells and T lymphocytes, which are virus fighters, in the blood.

Firmer Skin
Regular massage helps to stimulate collagen production adding firmness to the skin.

Moisturized Skin
The oil or massage cream used during a massage conditions the skin.

Visit for more information about massage and to find a massage practitioner near you.

        Have a Beautiful Day! 
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