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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Nail Tips for Cats

How fun is this?
Whisker City Kitty Caps
These are nail tips for cats! 

Being the nail tech that I am, I love them! I saw them in Petsmart and just had to do a post on them. 

They are glued onto a cat's claws to protect your furniture from damage when your cat does it's scratching. I could sure use them for the newest kitties at my house!!! 

They come in fabulous colors for all your kitty's fashion needs or there is basic clear if your cat prefers!
cat paw
This pretty little paw belongs to one of my cats who has lived in the house for years now. She was born outside and would visit my deck for food with her mama cat and her sister. I took sisters in when they were 8 months old. Mama was spayed and release to her outdoor home. She was just too set in her feral ways to become a house cat.

She is really good at scratching only in designated cat scratching areas, so we don't need Kitty Caps for her but it's nice to know they are available. I wish I could put them on her just for the fun of it, but the application process would not go well, for sure, with this cat. I'd love to see her with hot pink nails!

Kitty Caps come in extra small, small, medium, and large. Here are the directions that are on the back of the package.
Whisker City Kitty Caps directions
The tips are made of a non toxic vinyl resin. The glue is a non toxic veterinary grade adhesive. It is a cyanoacrylate glue which is what Krazy Glue and the nail glue we use on our own nails are made of. 

I can't seem to find out the exact type of cyanoacrylate the glue is, but it is like Krazy Glue anyway so be careful not to use too much when filling the Kitty Caps or your fingers may end up glued to your cat which definitely will not end well! 

I have read that some cats try to pull them off and other cats are just fine with them. 

People say they do work for protecting their furniture from scratching kitty claws. 

There is an issue with the glue dying out to quickly in the tube. I find this with the 5 Second Nail Glue I use at the salon. These types of glue dry out quickly. 

There are lots brands of kitty nail tips out there, Soft Claws and Purrdy Paws are a couple others. You can find them in pet supply stores and online of course.

cat claw covers

So many colors! So much fun! 

        Have a Beautiful Day! 
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