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Friday, January 3, 2020

Gigi Charcoal Detox Wax to Remove Blackheads

Gigi has caught on to a waxing trick my fellow beauty salon colleagues and I have done for years! We use wax to unclogged the pores. 

Wax, the kind used for hair removal, is great for pulling out blackheads, especially from the nose and chin.

Gigi first created Pore Refining Facial Wax. This wax has been discontinued but they have replaced it with Gigi Charcoal Detox Wax to remove facial hair plus help unclog the pores.
gigi charcoal detox hard wax
 This is a hard wax which means it is warmed, applied to the skin, allow to cool a bit, then pulled off. It pulls off unwanted hair plus oil that is hardened and is clogging the pores.

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You will need a wax warmer at home to melt the wax. Gigi makes a space saver wax warmer that is smaller than their standard wax warmer. It's a nice size to have at home.

gigi space saver wax warmer

Waxing is a messy process.  Avoid the mess and hassle of waxing at home by visiting your salon or spa. Ask your waxing technician or esthetician to try our great blackhead removing trick on you.

Always see a licensed cosmetologist or licensed esthetician who specializes in waxing to get the best results from your salon waxing service. 

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