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Monday, January 6, 2020

Pantone Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue, Nail Polish and Decorating Ideas

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue. They described it as being like the color of the sky at dusk. It's a calming, peaceful color which is what we need in our crazy world right now. Color psychology, if you will. Last year's color was Living coral, a bright lively color.

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pantone color of the year 2020 classic blue
Another shade of blue, Cerulean, was the Pantone Color of the year 20 years ago. Many of us were freaked out that the computers were going to crash when they had to turn over to 2000. We needed the tranquility of blue then too!

I am a fan of blue. I always have been. You will frequently find my fingers and especially my toes, a shade of beautiful blue nail polish. I'll show you a few of my favorites that have the Classic Blue look.

Here is Zoya Aire from the Innocence Collection. It's similar to the Pantone Classic Blue.
Zoya Aire

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Here is Zoya Elliot. It's a deeper version of Classic Blue.
Zoya Elliot

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Zoya Mallory is also a nice blue with the Classic Blue feel.
zoya mallory

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I also love a little blue eye shadow. Click here to see my post on blue makeup 

I also decorate my house in shades of blue including Classic Blue. Even though I hate the tile counter top from the '80s in my kitchen, it happens to be a shade of Classic Blue so I'm right on trend, sort of. If only it wasn't tile!!!

Feeling bold? How about a blue wall? I painted a blue accent wall for my friend last summer. The inspiration piece was her blue vase. Flashy Sapphire from Behr Paint was a great match to the deeper color in the vase.
blue vase with matching paint
The paint came out fantastic!!! It's bold and beautiful yet it has a soothing quality about it. I really love how that vase looks on the mantle with the blue wall.
blue accent wall
It went from mediocre yellow to bright, colorful blue!
yellow walls

Not feeling that bold? You can still be trendy by adding little touches of blue.

glass blue cats
It is easy to add touches of blue throughout your house with simple accessories like pillows, candles and art pieces without spending a lot of money.

You can add some pretty blue knobs to your cabinets for a touch of Classic Blue in the kitchen or bathroom. I saw these cute ones on Amazon along with other pretty blue things to design on a dime.

blue and white knobs

Here's a beautiful blue candle I like.

blue candle

I'm loving these blue pillows.

blue pillows

blue pillows

Even a blue accent rug would be an inexpensive way to add some blue to a room.

blue area rug

You can even add some blue towels to your bathroom. The blue towels along with the blue cabinet knobs would look amazing in the bathroom!
blue bath towels
Here's a great thing about blue, blue coordinates with so many colors. You don't need to go painting and changing everything in your house. Adding some blue to your existing color palette will work beautifully. The brown, green and vibrant flower colors of the landscape go perfectly with the blue sky. 
negril jamaica sunset
And how gorgeous the orange, pink and purple colors of the sunset go with the deepening blue sky. This is a sunset from my favorite vacation spot, Jamaica. So beautiful!

It's easy to get with the Classic Blue trend on yourself and in your home. I'll be looking in the stores to see if fashion follows the color of the year.

You can find Zoya products at salons, spas, zoya.com and on Amazon.  We carry Zoya nail polish at Styling Point in Media, Pa. Come see me to get your nails looking pretty with a beautiful Zoya nail polish color.

       Have a Beautiful, Colorful Day! 
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